Anxiety Disorders



Anxiety disorders are the single most common psychiatric problem in the United States. About one person in ten will experience an anxiety disorder during their lifetime. They will experience anxiety which is severe and persistent enough to significantly impact the quality of their lives.

Dr. Marty Seif provides help for people with all types of Anxiety Disorders.

Read what others have said about their treatment with Dr. Seif:

I was anxious and frightened all the time. Sometimes I was so frightened that I couldn’t even leave my house to go to the store for groceries. I went to so many therapists. I took pills. I went to talk with my minister. Nothing helped. The first time I saw Dr. Seif, I knew that he understand what was going on with me. I was so relieved that I cried the whole session. I am now recovered. I can do anything I want to do—I have a great job—I travel to Florida without any fear. Dr. Seif saved my life--Barbara 

Words cannot adequately describe my gratitude towards you. My work with you changed my life. Not only did I learn that I can drive comfortably (after five years of avoidance!), but I also learned invaluable lessons that helped me to recognize that I can handle any situation. Your support and encouragement helped me to believe that you truly understand the “struggle.” Your catchphrases are nuggets of wisdom—I will carry them through life. Thank-you for your patience and guidance. --Alan

I bet you get so many "Thank you, you changed my life" from your patients. Just the fact that I met you has already impacted me in such a positive way. --Connie

Anxiety Disorders are grouped in various ways:

Panic Disorder
Fear of developing symptoms of panic that seem to come from "out of the blue."

The following phobias are usually related to the fear of experiencing panicky feelings and not being able to comfortably remove oneself from the situation or quickly return to a place of safety.

Fear of travel
Fear of using public transportation
Fear of driving--usually on limited access highways
Fear of bridges and tunnels
Fear of shopping
Fear of escalators and elevators
Fear of social situations
Fear of public places--such as crowded theaters and churches
Agoraphobia---fear of being out of one's safety zone.

These phobias are often related to fear of public scrutiny, fear of humilation, and exquisite sensitivity to real or imagined criticism

Social Anxiety Disorder
Fear of social situations
Fear of public speaking
Fear of using public restrooms- (paruresis)

Other Phobias

Fear of flying
Fear of pain
Fear of blood and injury
Fear of Doctors
Fear of Dentists

Worries and Health Fears

These fears are part of Generalize Anxiety (and Worry) Disorder, and include excessive anxiety and worry in a variety of situations.

Fear of illness
Fear of cancer
Fear of AIDS
Fear of children/spouse getting hurt
Fear of children being kidnapped
Fear of displeasing others
Fear of losing your mind

Obsessions and Compulsions

Obsessions are thoughts that pop into your mind, causing great distress, anxiety, or guilt. Compulsions are behaviors OR thoughts that tend to neutralize, or make less distressing, the feelings created by the obsessive thoughts. Checking, cleaning, mental rituals and the need for symmetry are examples of compulsions.

Self cleansing
Mental Compulsions
Arranging Rituals
Harming obsessions
Intrusive obsessive thoughts

There are a number of OCD Spectrum disorders that are closely related to OCD, but have their own particular set of symptoms.

Body Dysmorpha (imagined ugliness)
Trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling)

Help is available to you, no matter your phobia, obsession, or anxiety. If you suffer from panic or phobias, if your life is ruled by excessive rituals, compulsions, or avoidances, contact Dr. Seif for help.


Anxiety Disorders are not just in your mind. Anxiety disorders are real, serious, and treatable.
Dr. Seif wants to help you overcome your fears.